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The Challenge!

We am pleased to announce that MAAXX will return in 2020! We are targeting May 2020 for an outdoor event featuring significant engineering challenges in the centre of Bristol! Coupled with this will be a conference bringing together industry, government and innovators to address the challenges of autonomous flight in urban areas.

We are currently seeking sponsors for MAAXX 2020. Sponsors would have access to innovators and thought leaders in the autonomous flight and navigation space as well as be able to share their ideas to advance the challenges we all currently face be they legal, policy, technology of flight.

I am aware that we have many competitors who are keen to compete with their most current innovations. I encourage all MAAXX Competitors to enter the

Smart CIty RObotic Challenge
SciRoc is a European-funded project supporting the European Robotics League (ERL), and funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 framework. It will be held in Milton Keynes (UK) from September 16th to September 22nd, 2019.

Significantly for us, “Episode 12” of the challenge is all about drones:

“The aerial robot must attend an emergency situation in which a first-aid kit needs to be delivered to a customer. The robot must be able to fly autonomously to the customer location as fast as possible. The robot might need to detect and avoid possible obstacles on the way, and it must take into account that GPS coverage is not always guaranteed.”

Here’s the kicker though: there is £1000 of expenses can be claimed by the first fifteen teams that register and then come to the event!!
The tricky technical problem is that the episode is designed to be indoor flying (i.e., no GPS signal
available), but SciRoc are working to create a variation of the episode by providing a fake GPS signal,
or, given the condition of the venue, GPS reception with a high-spec receiver.

I am planning to go over to the venue in Milton Keynes to investigate ASAP.

Register for the competition here:

Any questions, please get in touch with me or contact the organisers direct.

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The course

  • The course is a long oval; the straights are 40 metres long and 6 metres apart.
  • The track is 2 metres wide.
  • There are put-in and exit lanes to allow the drones to enter and exit the race at any time.
  • The flying zones are fully netted off.
  • Course marking: red line, green line, wall-mounted triangles at ends.

The competition

Speed prize for the fastest 10 consecutive laps of the course. If no-one makes 10 consecutive laps, the prize goes to the fastest 5 consecutive laps.
Endurance prize for greatest total number of laps achieved during the entire competition.
Kudos prize for the most impressive tech or trick, as voted by the other competitors (software-controlled overtake anyone?)

The rules

  • Maximum vehicle take-off weight of 3 kg.
  • Maximum vehicle size of 1 metre in any dimension.
  • No combustion-engine powered vehicles are permitted. Sorry.
  • No human intervention is permitted once the competitor is on the course. Control from any ground-station equipment via wireless link is permitted.
  • Any wireless communications methods are permitted (e.g. Wifi, Bluetooth, XBee, 2.4GHz). However, we do expect all the competitors to co-operate with the judges to ensure EM compatibility between everybody.
  • Unlimited attempts are permitted, at any time during the competition. Competitors may fly whenever a flying slot becomes available. A slot is defined as no less than 2 meters from the nearest competitor on entering the course.
  • There is no limit on the vehicle configuration: fixed-wing, rotary, or hybrids are all permitted.
  • Deliberate or excessive bumping and ramming is discouraged. What is deliberate or excessive? You will know it, the judges will know it, and then they will red-flag you.
The basic rule is “please, don’t be an idiot”.

PLEASE NOTE: the course and rules are provisional. We welcome your input on changes and additions that will make the racing faster, longer, and just better.

You need a yellow stripe along the floor to get a visual lock? No problemo.

You need a Wi-fi hub at the centre of the course to triangulate? You’ve got it.

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Join the discussion on the forums to make your suggestions for 2019!