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    I’d like to suggest the maximum all up mass is set at 3Kg. This is because for those not using Vicon tracking, simulated gps etc., there’s more work to be done on-board, with extra sensors etc. I think it’s a win-win, as it gives the on-boarders more flexibility and the off-boarders the opportunity to add battery capacity.

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    Steve Wright

    3kg is fine by me: I am confident that the netting can still contain that.

    John: if nobody objects, can you update the rules on the website?

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    John Bradford

    Yup, updated. We should probably check the rating of the netting as part of the Safety Case (Steve)?

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    Steve Wright

    Yup, I am confident that the netting will contain a 3kg drone, as long as we avoid carbon-fibre rotors, and discussed here:

    No carbon fibre rotors?

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