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    John Bradford
    • Maximum vehicle take-off weight of 3 kg.
    • Maximum vehicle size of 1 metre in any dimension.
    • No combustion-engine powered vehicles are permitted. Sorry.
    • No human intervention is permitted once the competitor is on the course. Control from any ground-station equipment via wireless link is permitted.
    • Any wireless communications methods are permitted (e.g. Wifi, Bluetooth, XBee, 2.4GHz). However, we do expect all the competitors to co-operate with the judges to ensure EM compatibility between everybody.
    • Unlimited attempts are permitted, at any time during the competition. Competitors may fly whenever a flying slot becomes available. A slot is defined as no less than 2 meters from the nearest competitor on entering the course.
    • There is no limit on the vehicle configuration: fixed-wing, rotary, or hybrids are all permitted.
    • Deliberate or excessive bumping and ramming is discouraged. What is deliberate or excessive? You will know it, the judges will know it, and then they will red-flag you.
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    John Bradford

    26/11/2016 – increased max all-up weight to 2Kg
    09/12/2016 – increased max all-up weight to 3kg

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